Digital Pedagogy: Connectivity & Collective Resistance, UC Berkeley (Spring 2022)
  • Virtual class

  • Decolonial, critical race, and disability justice approaches to the issues, practices, and tools that are impacting 21st century education and pedagogy due to digital and - virtual technological forces

  • Students challenged to engage critically*, theoretically and creatively about digital technologies in education (*critical = with attention to power)

  • Outcomes include individual and collaborative multimedia projects

Critical Studies in Education, UC Berkeley(Fall 2016-Fall 2021)
  • In person, virtual, and hybrid forms of course, satisfying American Cultures requirement (critical analysis of race, class, and gender) (taught 8 semesters)

  • Critical pedagogical approach to the study of schooling as a site of social reproduction, through lenses of settler colonialism, white supremacy and anti-blackness & engagement with Education as a practice of freedom

  • Theory and praxis: community-based Participatory Action Research Projects, dialogue, writing and artistic production

  • Teaching teach model, with 2-7 undergraduate course assistants per semester

The Art of Making Meaning: Language and Literacy in a Global World, UC Berkeley (Fall 2015-Spring 2016)
  • In person, hybrid course satisfying American Cultures requirement (critical analysis of race, class, and gender) (taught 2 semesters)

  • Sociocultural approaches to literacy and learning, including critical literacy, language, multimodality, and aesthetic meaning making, with focus on race, ethnicity, class and culture

  • Student fieldwork and qualitative research at community sites

  • Outcomes include multimedia autobiographies and qualitative research projects